General Election

April 7, 2014

If you have difficulties voting

Special measures have been put in place to facilitate your right to vote.

It is now possible to vote at home...

Does your health hinder you from leaving your home to vote? In that case, we will come to your home. The family caregiver residing at the same address as the elector who is allowed to vote at home can also exercise their right to vote at the same time as the elector if they make the request no later than the date mentioned below. Only one caregiver is entitled to this right. You have to make an application in writing to your returning officer, no later than March 24, 2014.

For more information

If you are unable to move about...

You are unable to move about and you are living in an establishment registered with the Ministry of Health and Social Services?

The Chief Electoral Officer offers you the possibility of registering on the list of electors, of making changes to your entry and of voting without having to move about. Simply make the request by telephone or in writing to your returning officer.

The returning officer will inform you of the day and the time when the election staff will visit you.

For more information, you can consult our folder If you are unable to move about... or contact the office of your returning officer.

If you have special needs...

Polling station personnel will be available to assist you if you have special needs.

For example :

  • it will be possible to obtain assistance in marking your ballot paper;
  • people with a visual handicap will be able to vote alone using a template by following the explanations of the deputy returning officer.

An interpretation service

To promote the exercise of voting rights by the deaf, the deafened, the hard of hearing and the deaf-mute, the Chief Electoral Officer will pay costs related to visual and tactile interpretation services to facilitate entry on the list of electors and voting.

It is worth noting that these services are offered based on the policies and availabilities of organizations that offer interpretation services. Electors have to check this information in advance with the organization that serves their territory.

Accessibility of the premises

All offices of returning officers, revision offices and advance polling stations are accessible to persons who have difficulty moving about.

On polling day, polling stations should be easily accessible but it is possible that some of them aren't. As a result, people with difficulty moving about should check in advance with their returning officer or by contacting our Information centre

If you are unable to vote in the advance polls or at the office of the returning officer and your voting premises on election day are not accessible to those with reduced mobility, contact your returning officer. He or she can grant authorization for you to vote in a different accessible premises within the electoral division.

Posters with candidates' photographs

Following the request of organizations that are involved with literacy, posters with candidates' photographs will be produced and placed in voting places so that people with reading difficulties can exercise their voting rights more easily.

A ballot paper with candidates' photos

The ballot now includes a black and white photograph of the candidate beside their name on the counterfoil. This photo will make it easier, for the elector, to identify the candidate that they wish to vote for, especially since voters will be able to examine the poster showing the name and photograph when entering the polling station.

Ballot paper with candidates' photos example

Accessibility to information

To foster access to information, it is worth mentioning that steps have been taken to meet the needs of native peoples, cultural communities, illiterate or handicapped persons.

To receive these documents and for more information

Electors and organizations that work with people with special needs are invited to contact the Information Centre of the Chief Electoral Officer to obtain any document or information they may need.